Since we still can’t have our usual in-person coding events this semester, DUCS is carrying on with our virtual hacks with our brand new event - 404: Weekend Not Found!


We have been working hard with our friends at headline sponsor NCR, and with our colleagues at St Andrews Computing Society to bring a weekend of coding right to your home with the opportunity to win some great prizes! 


You'll be working in teams of 5 to solve one of the computing challenges set for you.


Oh, and don’t let a lack of experience put you off - that’s what hackathons are all about! Honing your skills and getting your practice in. Besides, a first year team won at the Quackathon in February so it can be done! They’re also great for practising your teamworking skills and forming invaluable connections with industry (plus it looks great on your CV!)


We’ll also be running some extra little activities to break up the coding - we know not everyone wants to code for a straight 24 hours!

Hackathon Sponsors


£500 in prizes

NCR Prize

£50 Amazon voucher for each team member up to £250

DUCS Prize

£50 Amazon voucher for each team member up to £250

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Participants: individuals studying in further education institution (university or college) within the United Kingdom with an interest in computer science
  • Participants must work in teams of up to 5 members


Teams should submit a video which demonstrates the project they have created to solve the challenge they have decided to work on.

The video should:

  • Be no more than 3 minutes in length
  • Be uploaded to a video sharing site (YouTube or Vimeo for example) with a link to watch it included in the submission
    • The video can be unlisted/private, but the judges must be able to watch the content without any extra permissions




Johnathan Law

Johnathan Law

Jan Mertens

Jan Mertens

Anas Smaali

Judging Criteria

  • To Be Announced

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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